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Verust - 1997

Verust was formulated by Vermillian Paint in 1997 as a undercoat for rusted steel surfaces. Verust penetrates the steel up to 9 microns, primes the steel surface and seals any rusted steel surface with a single application. Used by big companies, thousands of farmers and DIY enthusiasts all over South Africa and neighboring countries. Verust is addictive and a unique 3 in 1 product for the treatment of RUST. "Once used, it becomes an addiction and you will start to paint everything with Verust." Available in Terracotta and Khaki Green that fits into any color scheme. Verust has been tested to block salt sprays and neutralize rust. It is alkali and acid resistant and has been used in mine circulation pumps to protect the pumps, Verust even bonds on tar surfaces, plastic pipes, aluminum, glass, and various other surfaces.


Black Strap Bitumen Sealer

Black Strap Bitumen Sealer is a quick drying alkyd based bitumen paint based on a road marking formulation for extra durability and hardness. The product is so advanced that it can be used on almost any surface you can think of. From roof trusses to car chassis, if you want to paint it black, Black Strap Bitumen Sealer will be your answer. It penetrates and bonds to the surface and it seals the surface with no hassles. If it comes to protecting your assets, paint it with Black Strap Bitumen Sealer. We courier nation wide with The Courier Guy


Water Dispelling Liquid

WDL is a solvent based alkyd sealer, it penetrates deep into the substrate, fills the microscopic gaps and bonds to the substrate with a single application. Based on a Nano technology formulation from 1996 that has been proven to work over the last 28 years. WDL can be used to seal asbestos or on any wall or floor to keep water from penetrating and thus to prevent germs from entering the substrate. Parapets, boundary walls, and any wall that gets a lot of water is no match. WDL can be overcoated with any other PVA or Enamel if required. WDL can also be used as a Plaster Primer because it is alkali and acid resistant. Excellent water repelling properties, it only takes a single coat to make your water penetrating problems disappear.

Silver Alkyd Aluminium

Silver Alkyd Aluminum Paint was formulated with Nano Technology to penetrate and bond with steel surfaces. Our paint is quick drying and highly durable and protects the surface from all elements. Silver Alkyd Aluminum Paint reflects the sunlight and leaves your roof cooler than ever before. It is widely used by some of the biggest farmers in South Africa that only compliments our Silver Alkyd Aluminum Paint. Our product can be applied with a brush or roller and can be sprayed to plaster or steel surfaces. Our product is also suitable for use as a aluminum roof paint or to previously painted aluminum roof’s, or onto new properly prepared galvanized iron, or existing roof coatings. Silver Alkyd Aluminum Paint can be used for general, industrial and decorative purposes, it is very economical indeed.

Black Tar / Bitumen

Our Iscor Black Tar is 100% clean, it can be used on most wooden surfaces outside. It can generally be used on untreated wooden trusses or for general use on farms. Iron, Steel, Sheets, Roofs, Fences, Wood, Poles, Beams, Porous Surfaces, Bricks, Paving, Fascia Boards etc. are only some of the places where our Iscor Black can be used, the list is endless. Every farmer in South Africa knows about it and trusts the product or uses it. Our Iscor Black covers 10 to 12m² per liter depending on the surface and no undercoat is required. We deliver country wide with The Courier Guy.

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Rust Stop Pro

Rust Stop Pro is the only known product used as a single application which treats, primes and serves as a final coat, ensuring a rust free surface.

It was especially developed in 2015 for aiding in the reconstruction of worn and corroded steel surfaces for farming, mining, industrial and general use.

Rust Stop Pro is brushable and sprayable, it consists of Active NanoParticles that helps with corrosion protection on a microbial level. It is resistant to water, sea water and many other chemiclas.It is quick to dry and can be painted over with enamel or PVA within 12 hours.

It is ideally suited as a transport coating in steel construction.It stops costly rust and corrosion and penetrates the steel up to 9 microns. It suffocates the rust and prevents further oxidation or water penetration that causes rust. It is effective to neutralise even deep rust. It is available in a Terracotta Red and Khaki Greenish colour that fits into any color scheme.

Rust Stop Pro not only stops the rust, but also converts it into a compound, utilising it in the reconstruction process of the corroded steel. It is cost efficient and not labor intensive and can be painted directly on the rusted surface without intense preparation.

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